High Availability and Disaster Recovery

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The High Availability & Disaster Recovery Virtual Group focuses on one of the most important aspects of a business - data availability. The goal of the HA&DR Virtual Groupis to provide a PASS community for Microsoft SQL Server professionals to learn more about how to protect their data and minimize the risk to a business. Join us in our monthly webinar series to learn more about the numerous tools and techniques for SQL Server business continuity. Our webinars are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 1pm Eastern. Make sure to join this Virtual Group in the myPASS portal so you can stay informed of our learning opportunities.

Minion Backup Solutions

Tue, Oct 13 2015 17:00 UTC

Minion Backup Solution

The new Minion solutions are taking the SQL community by storm, and no wonder: they’re free, simple to use, and deeply configurable. In this session I’ll show you the benefits to Minion Backup: • Simple installation and configuration for all shops, large or small • Single or multi-server installation script • Table-based configuration eliminates the need for excessive jobs • Highly customizable options • Flexible include and exclude options, including the use of regular expressions • “Statement only” option generates statements without running them • Extensive logging • Live insight into the current maintenance operation Minion Backup also provides a truly superb specialty: dynamic backup tuning. Minion Backup scale to the size of your enterprise, from one to thousands of instances. With Minion’s true configurability and enterprise features, you can do things never before possible in your maintenance routines.

Sean McCown

Sean McCown is a Certified Master with 23 years of experience in databases. He is also founder and co-owner of the MidnightDBA.com website, where he records free SQL Server training videos. He also writes the popular Minion Maintenance suite, the most configurable maintenance solution on the planet.

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